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National Train A Teacher Day

Basic - An opportunity for educators and school staff to learn about firearm safety and develop shooting skills

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National train a teach day is is about empowering educators who teach our children.
Teachers, custodians, administrators, religions educators and others have understood that they have a choice. They have the choice to be active in the face of adversity. They have the choice to fight back if they need to. They have the choice to provide life-saving first-aid. They have a choice to exercise their Rights to care for and protect those in their charge.
To support this demand, trainers all across our great country are stepping up to offer their skills free of charge. This training is in first-aid, situational awareness, pepper-spray, and TASER, as well as understanding mass shooter events, crisis management and defensive firearm use.

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Topics Covered

We will be discussing situation awareness, non-lethal, and lethal forms of self-defense, emergency preparedness, and live fire demonstrations. 

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Expectations and Outcomes

An awareness of emergency preparedness, to alleviate anxiety of firearms in a profressional and controlled environement, to provide education to our educators. 

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Basic, Active Shooter Response Training, Stop the Bleed, USCCA Courses

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Brimmed hat, close toed shoes, long pants, eye, and ear protection are required for all students at the shooting line.