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Pistol Fundamentals: Grip, Sights and Trigger

Basic - Everything you didn't learn in your CCW class and some things you did.

Duration: 6+ hours Range time, No classroom time



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All classes can be scheduled upon request.

This class is for the CCW holder or the person that wants to Constitutional Carry but still sees the need for training. We review the basics of pistol shooting, gun types, loading, unloading and ammuntion types. We cover front sight focused shooting and combat focus shooting. We will spend most our time on grip, sights and proper trigger management. You will learn to work from a holster.  We will cover reloads and basic malfunctions. This is not a Defensive Pistol course.

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Topics Covered

Safety Rules, Range and Real Life
Loading, unloading semi autos
Magazine manipulation
Review of Gun Parts
Cartridge Components
Eye Dominence
Shooting with two eyes
Sight Picture and alignment
Grip, sights and trigger
Drawing from the Holster
Safe Re-holstering
Emergency Reloads
Tactical Reloads
Malfunctions and Stoppages

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Expectations and Outcomes

The student will understand better how the pistol works and what it takes to hit your target consistently. 

We will end the class shooting the Ohio Peace Officers Qualification Course of Fire un-officially.

Certificates will be awarded upon course completion.

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Basic, Intermediate, Private Classes (Group / Individual)

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Documentation Requirements

Email us a picture of your driver's license.

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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300 rounds FMJ 9mm or larger caliber
A sturdy outside the waist holster (NO SERPA HOLSTERS)
At least 2 or 3 extra magazines
Magzine Pouch for extra mags
Eye Protection
Ear Protection
Lunch and Drinks
Brimmed Hat
Close toed shoes

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