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BACKGROUND: Civilian, Instructor

3 Years Instructing

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Concealed Carry - Defensive Shooting Level 3
This is part of our 8 Hour range only De…
Intermediate, USCCA Courses Intermediate
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Couples Private Indoor Range Instruction
Bring your spouse, significant other or…
Basic, Intermediate, USCCA Courses Basic
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Defensive Pistol Level 1
This is the USCCA Defensive Pistol Level…
Intermediate, USCCA Courses, In Home Defense Training Intermediate
Next class: Jun 4
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Firearms For Church Protectors
This course is a must if you serve on a…
Intermediate, Advanced, Active Shooter Response Training Intermediate
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Firearms For Church Protectors CLOSED CLASS
This course is a must if you serve on a…
Intermediate, Active Shooter Response Training Intermediate
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Home Defense- Defensive Shooting Level 2
This course is part of our 8 hour Defens…
Intermediate, USCCA Courses, In Home Defense Training Intermediate
Next class: Jun 19
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Intro to Defensive Pistol Level 1
This is course is part of our 8 hour Def…
Basic, Intermediate, USCCA Courses, In Home Defense Training Basic
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Ladies Only NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting
Above and beyond state requirements
Basic, CCW, NRA Courses, Women's Only Courses Basic
Next class: Jul 23
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NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting
Approved for Ohio CCW Permit to travel o…
Basic, CCW, NRA Courses, USCCA Courses Basic
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NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation
Not a CCW course
Basic, NRA Courses Basic
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Ohio CCW/Defensive Pistol
Above and beyond state requirements
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About McFadden Firearms Academy LLC

We started "McFadden Firearms Academy LLC" because we saw the lack of good training for those that may already have their CCW and want more training. The vast majority of training academies provide large classroom CCW training and in some cases, very little practical gun handling. We saw the need for something more. We know that the basic CCW course is just not enough for the average citizen to carry a gun in self defense, in fact most CCW courses are only safety and education classes and not considered training. We can bridge that gap for those that want to go to that first level of training.

We also see many church security ministry teams that have formed that have members with only CCW permits and little to no other specialized training. Our Church Protector course is essential for anyone on an armed church security ministry team. The armed church security ministry team member plays a much different role than a CCW carrier. Come and learn how to communicate and work with a partner. Carrying a gun in church has it's own unique challenges that we must be aware of and work through. We believe that there is no more important role in the church that you can be asked to fill than to be on your church's safety and security ministry team. Let us help you prepare for that role.

While we do train church security teams in firearms and tactics, we are not a church security company. We hope to bring people on board in the future to do that. There are many companies that specialize in that area. We are more than happy to point you in their direction. We also recommend that you work closely with your insurance carrier  when implementing a church security plan.

We offer an 8 hour Defensive Pistol Level 1 course that initially required about 400 rounds of ammunition. Due to ammo costs and availability we have broken that course down into three shorter 2 hour courses. Intro to Defensive Pistol is the foundation course of the 3 courses. Home Defense - Defensive Shooting and Concealed Carry Defensive Shooting take you through the remainder of the 8 hour course. We have also paired the 8 hour course down to take 300 rounds or less without sacrificing skill building and depending on how much the student wants to pull the trigger. 

A word about gear:
There a plenty of gun shops that will sell you the gun they think you need. We see a large percentage of gun buyers are now ladies. Many women have their own issues with finding a gun that fits them correctly. Sometimes that little "pocket gun" isn't the right option for you or for the lady in your life.  We recommend going to a range that rents guns and find out which gun you can shoot well and conceal well.  Try several over a period of time. 

When you come to one of our classes we want you to get the most out of the training experience and not "fight your gear" by having a gun that you can't efficiently operate or a cheap belt and holster. Part of the training experience is finding out what gear works and what gear doesn't work but we want you to come as prepared as possible.  We recommend the "carry system" approach where all or most of your guns will work with all or most of your holsters. This allows you to vary your carry gun without starting over on the rest of your gear.

We also see students spend money on upgrades for their pistols such as sights, grips and trigger jobs. Upgrades are great but they won't make you a better shooter. We can't buy that. The only way to be a better shooter is to shoot and dry fire. 

These are some gear choices that we see work. (we don't have any $$ interest in them)
Holsters: Bravo Concealment, We The People, Crossbreed, Galco, Bladetech
Belts: Amish made, Hanks, Deluthe Trading Lifetime, be prepared to spend $50 to $80 on a good belt
Magazine Holders: Blackhawk, Pitbull
Guns: Glock, SW M&P, Sig Sauer (We have seen much more expensive guns take dumps after a 1000 rounds in a class)
There is a lot of other great guns out there as well.


Courses Taught

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Lead Instructor, McFadden Firearms Academy
USCCA Official Partner
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
USCCA Certified Defensive Pistol Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
Church Security Training

Tactical Defense Institute - Active Killer Response
Tactical Defense Institute - Handgun 1
Tactical Defense Institute - Handgun 2
Tactical Defense Institute - Handgun 3
Tactical Defense Institute - Handgun 4
Tactical Defense Institute - Handgun 5
Tactical Defense Institute - Handgun 6
Tactical Defense Institute - Tactical Rifle 1
Tactical Defense Institute - Tactical Shotgun
BFA/Jeff Wilson - Tactical Rifle
BFA/E.A.S.T. Group - Partner Tactics
Strategos International - Tactical Pistol for Church Protectors
Dabell Firearms/Dave Bell - Defensive Pistol
Trigger Pressers Union/Klint Macro - Defensive Pistol Instructor
Active Response/Greg Eliftritz - Close Quarters Combat
Strategos International/Jeremy Allen - Tactical Pistol Handling
Strategos International - Church Security Planning
Strategos International - Intruder Awareness and Response for Churches
Innovative Tactical Concepts - Advanced Pistol Fighting
Sphons CCW - NRA Pistol Instructor
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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must be no later than 7 days before the course date to receive full refunds. 

Reschedule Policy

McFadden Firearms Academy LLC reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any class due unsafe range conditions. We will generally present our classes rain or shine unless conditions are unsafe.

You may also register for most of our classes on the USCCA website.  Just go to IN-PERSON training and search by zipcode 44615 to bring up our courses.

Refund Policy

Students are required to cancel at least 7 days in advance of a class date in order to receive a full refund. Classes cancelled less than 7 days before the class will not be refunded.

McFadden Firearms LLC reserves the right to cancel any training program at any time with reasonable notice given to participants. If a class is cancelled, refunds will be paid in full or participants may apply their credit toward future training classes. In the event of a cancellation, McFadden Firearms Academy LLC is not responsible for any non-refundable travel expenses or penalties a participant may incur. This includes but is not limited to, air travel, hotels, ETC. 

Other Policy

McFadden Firearms Academy LLC does not permit anyone other than paid students on-site during classroom or range activities. All waivers must be signed and fees paid before the start of class.

Anyone who repeatedly displays improper gun handling skills or behaves in an unsafe manner will be asked to remove themselves from the premises without a refund.



McFadden Firearms Academy LLC reserves the right to deny training to anyone for any of the following reasons:

  • Any crime of violence or indictment / conviction that would disqualify you from being in possession of a firearm
  • If you have a mental illness
  • If you appear to be intoxicated in class
  • If you appear to be overly agitated
  • If you are not legally allowed to own a firearm
  • If you are not a US citizen and do not have firearms privilege
  • If you repeatedly behave in an unsafe manner

Release and Waiver of Liability
The undersigned acknowledges that the reaction to, possession of, and/or use of firearms is potentially
dangerous, and involves risk of serious personal injury, death, psychological trauma, and/or other personal
and financial liability. The undersigned agrees to assume all risk and waives any and all claims of
liability for coronavirus, personal injury, death, psychological trauma, and/or other personal or financial loss. question icon

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring revolver? Revolvers work for our CCW course but not so well for our Defensive Pistol courses.
What if I don't have a gun? We have loaner guns. Ammo is available at market price.
What should I bring? Every course includes a required equipment list.
I am new to shooting, what if I can't do it? No worries, we keep CCW classes small to give special attention. video icon