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Ohio Concealed Carry/NSSF First Shots


Duration: 6hr Classroom 2hr Range



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We offer a combind Ohio concealed carry class and NSSF First Shots to give students more training in a one day class. Ohio requires 6hrs of class and 2 hrs of range time.

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Topics Covered

Ohio Concealed Handgun:

  • Training & Educational Requirements
  • Application Process
  • Sheriff's Criteria for Issuing License
  • Duties That Accompany Holding a CHL
  • Private Property and Work Place
  • Deadly Force
NSSF First Shots:
  • Firearm Safety
  • Range Safety
  • Building Pistol Skills

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Expectations and Outcomes

When passing the class student's will receive thier certificate to apply for your Ohio Concealed Carry license.

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Advanced, Basic, Intermediate, CCW