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Pistol Manipulations


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This one day pistol manipulations clinic is a fast paced and physically demanding course designed to renew and rebuild your fundamental skills with a pistol and help build new ones.  Defensive Handgun 1 or equivalent is a prerequisite for this course.  Muzzle awareness is mandatory to attend this course.  We will challenge you to be able to draw faster, shoot more accurate, and fix malfunctions faster than you ever have in the past.  We will be doing many repetitions to build the necessary motor skills and neuro-pathways necessary to achieve those goals.  We will push you to reach your goals and highest potential in the course. We will provide you with drills to use in your training regime that will help you stay on top of your skillsets.  (MINIMUM ROUND COUNT – 300 rounds)



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Topics Covered

Weapons Safety
Equipment Selection
Basic Handgun Skills
Proper Grip
Proper Stance
Proper Sight Alignment
Proper Drawing from a Holster
Loading and unloading techiques
Combative Mindsets
Tactical Awareness
Malfunction Clearing
TQ Application
Strong and Support Hand Shooting
Strong and Support Hand Manipulations

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of the course each student will have a very thorough understanding of how to manipulate their handgun both strong and support handed.  Certificates of training will be issued at the end of the course. 

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Advanced, Intermediate, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Scenario Based Training, Specialty Other

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Documentation Requirements

Bring copies of US citizenship for ID at the course

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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You must show documentation of a basic firearms course from an approved trainer

Send copies to

Equipment List

1. A properly functioning handgun

2. A proper fitting holster for that handgun

3. At least 3 magazines for that handgun (5 recommended if using single stacked mags)

4. 300-500 rounds of ammunition for that handgun

5. Magazine Pouches for the magazines

6. A properly functioning tourniquet of your choice that you would use in the field

7.  Body armor if you would wear it while deploying a pistol

8. Sharpie type pen for marking targets

9.  Tourniquet (SOF-T or CAT recommended for 3 training blocks)

10.  Pen and notepad for taking notes

11.  Hat or other head covering

12.  Gloves (highly recommended but not mandatory)

13.  Knee and elbow pads

14.  Eye and ear protection

15.  Footwear that you can stand in all day (boots are highly recommended)

16.  Sunscreen or raingear (as applicable) (The course will go rain or shine)

17.  Enough water supply to sustain you for the day

18.  A lunch or snack food (We will not have time to leave the range for lunch)