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Real World Rifle Academy


Duration: 3 days of range time



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Nielsen Training and Consulting is proud to announce the Real World Rifle Academy. This three day course is a complete AR-15 rifle training course based on our 2+ decades of practical application of a defensive rifle.  This course will teach you the core function and operation of the AR-15 and its variants and is designed for anyone from the first time shooter to the weekend shooter or the seasoned operator that wants some functional skills building with the use of a Carbine or Rifle.  Our professional staff will help you to become comfortable with modern rifle fighting techniques, proper target acquisition, proper body position and shot placement to effectively win an armed encounter.  This is a fast paced and physically demanding course designed to renew and rebuild your skills with a rifle and also help build new ones.  We will challenge you to be able to get on target faster, shoot more accurate, and fix malfunctions faster than you ever have in the past.  Through repetition and stress induced scenarios we will help you build the necessary motor skills and neuro-pathways to achieve your goals and exceed your current skill level.  We will push you to reach your highest potential in the course.  We will challenge you to be able to get in and move into many shooting positions behind many types of simulated barriers that have been used in actual armed encounters in real scenarios.  We will push you to be able to shoot in more unusual positions than you could imagine. We will introduce you to the effective use of weapon mounted lights and hand-held lights for your rifle during this course.  We will not be using any night vison optics for this course.  Come join us for this amazing course!

DAY-1: Fundamentals! Our initial focus will be on core fundamental skills building with the use of a rifle for defensive purposes.  Our professional staff will help you to become comfortable with the core fundamental skills of sight alignment, grip, stance, trigger press and the use of a sling.  We will introduce you to modern defensive rifle fighting techniques, proper target acquisition and shot placement to effectively win an armed encounter.
DAY-2: “Set it up again!” Fast paced and physically demanding. Now that your core skills are
developed. You will be taught to get on target faster, shoot more accurately, and fix common rifle malfunctions in a safe an efficient manner.  You will be doing many repetitions to build the necessary motor skills and muscle memory necessary to achieve those goals.  We will be doing a block of low light instruction towards the end of day 2 so be sure to bring extra batteries and lights!
Day-3: Bringing it all together. This portion of the academy is designed to teach the proper use of a rifle specifically for “defensive” purposes during life threatening situations that occur in the “Real World.”  You will master body positioning and rifle presentation so you will quickly be able to get on target and use your rifle as a defensive weapon. You will understand using cover and concealment and effective shooting positions, including standing, kneeling, seated and prone. We will discuss proper gear selection and a survivor’s mindset in-depth. Knowing how YOU will react using YOUR gear is a direct response of your level of training.

The “Real World Rifle Academy” concludes with a shooting qualification test that must be
successfully passed in order to receive your certificate from Nielsen Training and Consulting. Graduation from the Real World Rifle Academy will qualify the graduate for all Nielsen Training & Consulting Rifle pre-requisites.  There are no pre-requisites for this course.



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Basic, Intermediate, LEO / MIL / SEC Courses, Rifle, Scenario Based Training

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Documentation Requirements

US Citizen or Resident Alien
Must be able to legally posses firearms in their state of record
Must not be a convicted felon

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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Equipment List:
1. A properly functioning carbine or rifle
2. At least 3 magazines (5 are recommended)
3.  1200 rounds of rifle ammunition (minimum)
4.  Magazine Pouches for the magazines
5.  A quality Sling
6.  Body armor if you would wear it while deploying a carbine
7.  Handgun and 3 magazines
8.  200 rounds of handgun ammunition (minimum)
9.  Holster and magazine pouches
10. Weapon mounted lights and extra batteries
11. Hand-held light and extra batteries
12. Sharpie type pen for marking targets
13. Pen and notepad for taking notes
14. Hat or other head covering
15. Gloves (highly recommended but not mandatory)
16. Knee and elbow pads
17. Eye and ear protection
18. Footwear that you can stand in all day (boots are highly recommended)
19. Sunscreen or raingear (as applicable) (The course will go rain or shine)
20. Enough water supply to sustain you for the day
21. A lunch or snack food each day (We will not have time to leave the range for lunch)