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Pistol-4: Night/Low Light

Advanced - Prerequisites: Pistol-1/CCW, Pistol-2, & Pistol-3

Duration: 4 to 6 hours



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This is a Low Light/No Light course.  It is expected that students are already fluent with their weapon systems. The first part of this class covers weapon handling to ensure that the students can safely handle their weapons after dark. The second part is shooting drills in effectively engaging a threat in low light/no light conditions. You need to have completed our Pistol 1 or CCW or be a current professional who carries a pistol [ie Law Enforcement/Border Patrol] and Pistol-2

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Topics Covered

  • Shooting Fundamental Improvement
  • Weapons Handling in Low Light/No Light
  • Basic tactical move and shoot in Low Light/No Light

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Expectations and Outcomes

  • Ability to safely shoot while moving in Low Light/No Light
  • Ability to handling their firearm in Low Light/No Light
  • Ability to apply Shooting Fundamentals in Low Light/No Light

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Advanced, In Home Defense Training

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Documentation Requirements

Review ARS 4 and 31: Pre-Course Reading at top of Training Courses Page on RATH-Defense website

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See our Packing List:  Pistol-4 Packing List