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This is the entire 16-hour course required by the state of Illinois to apply for your CCL. The class size is limited, so you will not feel intimidated or overwhelmed by being in a large group, plus it provides more personal interaction.

This class will cover everything the state requires for you to apply for your CCL. When you're done, you'll get the certificate you need to send to the Illinois State Police with your application for a concealed carry license.

I always hear, "You are going to think this is a stupid question," but there is no such thing, so reach out by phone or email. Believe me, I have heard it all. I could go into a bunch of details here, but most people just scratch their heads and get more confused.

Even though this is a concealed carry class, many people do not intend to carry a firearm but want one in their home. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about firearm safety and the laws related to self-defense. A typical class is probably nothing like most of you would imagine.

You can follow me @LetsTalkDGU for current events and news about staying safe.

Common questions.

-Do I need a FOID card or a gun? No, and I can let you try different ones out.

-I am scared of guns. Well, you and half the other people there will be in the same boat, so do not worry.

-I do not want to carry a gun. I just want to keep one around the house. Again, you and many other people who feel the same way will be there. Nothing says you have to apply for your CCL, and if you do not care about getting the actual certification, you do not have to go to the range.

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