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LTC Classroom Only No Shooting

Basic - Mandatory Classroom Education for TX LTC Applicants

Duration: 6 hours



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This class is available to everyone. It presents the fundamentals which the Texas Legislature considers necessary for anyone who is going to carry a firearm. You do not need to be applying for an LTC to benefit from this class.

The Texas Legislature and Texas Department of Public Safety require that all License to Carry Applicants complete an official LTC classroom education course delivered by a licensed Texas LTC Instructor. The course may be no less than four (4) hours, no more than six (6) hours, and must include the following categories of education:

  • Texas Gun and Use of Force Law

  • Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

  • Safe Gun Storage and Access

  • Safe Gun Handling

The course may include other topics at the discretion of the Instructor, but a minimum of four (4) hours must be spent on the above topics.

** Important ** Evening classes require TWO evenings. Usually Tue and Thu. Check with your Instructor.

Our LTC classroom includes Bonus material on dealing with defensive scenarios, making good defensive choices, and thinking ahead about what might be required of you in an emergency. You will get an introductory session to our Image Based Decision Drills course, which is an advanced role-play course in defensive thinking and acting.

Anyone can take this course. It is suitable for everyone, and provides fundamental knowledge of Texas law, when and where you can carry, de-escalating conflicts and the basics of storage and gun handling – all of which the Legislature considers necessary for LTC Applicants.

This class does not teach you how to shoot. The LTC was never intended to teach you how to shoot.It  is about how to behave responsibly with, and around, a gun. It exposes you to the minimum required base of knowledge to be a responsible, law-abiding gun owner and to stay out of trouble.

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Topics Covered

In this class, you will learn:

  • Basic Texas Gun Law

  • Fundamentals of Self Defense Law

  • Non-violent Conflict Resolution

  • Firearm Safety, safe storage and holster selection

  • Safe gun handling

  • Making decisions in a critical encounter

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Expectations and Outcomes

Upon successful completion Student will receive the LTC-100 Classroom form required for applying for the Texas LTC.

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Basic, CCW, Scenario Based Training, Seminars / Lectures

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Documentation Requirements

If you just want to audit this course – you do not want the LTC-100 form – no documentation is required.

If you are taking the class to get your LTC-100 then you must meet the following:

  • Students are required to present a valid, government-issued photo ID.

  • Students must be at least 18 years of age.

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There are no requirements to attend this lecture-only class.

If you sign up for an evening class it requires TWO evenings. Usually Tue and Thu. Check with your Instructor.