Intermediate Senior CCW

Intermediate - Senior CCW for those who already understand firearms

Duration: 3.5 hours class time; 1-1.5 hours of range time



Tara Engel

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This course is specifically geared toward students over age 50 who have some fairly recent shooting experience and are NOT starting at square one with a firearm. 

The class will still cover the mechanics of a firearm and how managing a firearm changes with age, but it is not designed for those who have never shot before -- or have not shot in many years. This class is for seniors who are ready to get their concealed carry and already understand the necessity of safe gun handling. 

The class will cover senior-centric firearms topics as well as general topics such as Florida concealed carry law, ammunition, and personal defense topics and concerns. THIS CLASS IS FOR FOLKS WHO ALREADY OWN A GUN. Bring your gun and 25 rounds of ammo, as well as eye and ear protection (which can be rented for a couple dollars at the range if you do not have such protection.) Ammunition is expensive and scarce right now, so don't assume the range will have your caliber for sale the day of the class.

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Topics Covered

Florida Concealed Carry law
Safe firearms handling
Safe firearms storage
Understanding how age impacts personal defense skills
Selecting the RIGHT gun for you
Qualification for concealed carry certificate

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Expectations and Outcomes

Student will understand the basics of Florida concealed carry law and safe gun handling and will receive the certificate necessary to apply for their concealed carry license.

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Intermediate, CCW

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Bring your own firearm, ammo, and eyes/ears (or contact the instructor). You MUST have your own firearm. No single action .22 revolvers will be allowed for qualification purposes.