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Concealed Carry 1

Basic - The class to take after getting your LTC

Duration: 4 hours range



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 Concealed Carry 1 is a skills and marksmanship based class.  It is the 2nd class in our Defensive Pistol Series (our first being the Hybrid LTC)  The student should already have a minimum level of competency in handling a pistol.  Must have a valid LTC to take course.

After covering the 4 basic safety rules, we will discuss how to properly set up your carry gear.  The class begins with learning how to efficiently draw the pistol from the holster.  Whether carrying OWB at 3 o clock, IWB or AIWB, we work to make your draw stoke as efficient as possible.  You will also learn how to safely manipulate your pistol which includes learning to keep it loaded and clearing malfunctions.

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Topics Covered

Our main goal is to have the students safely and effectively learn how to draw their concealed handgun and make quick first round hits on the target.  We will introduce the shot timer as well as time and accuracy standards.

Holster setup and carry position


Where to shoot and why

Ready positions

Drawing from the holster

Time and accuracy drills

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Expectations and Outcomes

After completion, the student will be prepared to take a level one pistol course from a nationally recognized instructor.

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Basic, Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Students are required to bring $20 cash to cover range fees unless you have selected the range fee add on

The instructor requires a copy of your Concealed Carry Weapons permit once you register.

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Semi automatic firearm that holds a minimum of 8 rounds.

Minimum 3 Magazines

200 rounds of ammunition

Concealed Carry Setup (Sturdy Gun Belt & Quality Holster)

Eye and Ear Protection