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BACKGROUND: Civilian, Law Enforcement, Instructor

3 Years Instructing

PH: 713 568 7597

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Next class: Sep 19
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Concealed Carry 1 (DPS2.0)
The class to take after getting your LTC
Basic, CCW Basic
Next class: Sep 19
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Concealed Carry 2 (DPS 3.0)
Defensive Pistol Series Class 3.0
Basic, Intermediate, CCW Basic
Next class: Sep 12
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Fundamental Pistol
For those wanting to learn how to effect…
Basic Basic
Next class: Sep 12
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Hybrid LTC (DPS 1.0)
A combination of the Texas LTC class and…
Basic, CCW Basic
No Upcoming Classes
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Intro to Precision Rifle
A great rune up class for hunters and be…
Rifle, Long Range Precision N/A
No Upcoming Classes
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Intro to Rifle
Learn how to effectively use your Semi-A…
Basic, Rifle Basic
No Upcoming Classes
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Ladies Only Hybrid LTC
A class just for ladies to get handgun t…
Basic, CCW Basic target icon

About Templar Defense

Templar Defense was officially formed in October of 2018.  It is a partnership that both Matt and Craig felt needed to happen in order to fill a void in the Greater Houston area.  Matt is currently an instructor at his current department in addition to teaching for several years under a former outfit.  Craig has been teaching CCW classes and the Texas License to Carry class since early 2017.  They both felt that together they could create a training company that was focused on the everyday person, ego free, based on sound and proven methods and techniques and focused on bringing the student up to the highest level of competancy as possible.

Matt has over 15 years of Law Enforcement experience with 6 of those having him assigned to a local SWAT unit.  He also has expereince in Executive and Personal Protection details.

Craig comes from the civilian world and has a desire to teach and bring up new shooters.  He has a passion for self defense as it relates to the everyday concealed carrier.  Craig has over 200 hours of certifiable firearms training from some of the best instructors out there.  He trains Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Jeff Messina and Muay Thai under Mark Beecher



Courses Taught

CCW, Basic, Intermediate, Rifle, Long Range Precision, NRA Courses, In Home Defense Training, Women's Only Courses certification icon


Matt N. holds a TCOLE Instructor Certification

Craig Summers is an NRA Pistol, Rangermaster and Texas DPS certified instructor cancellation policy icon


Cancellation Policy

Students may cancel up to a week before the class and receieve full reimbursement.  No cancellations can be made within 7 days of the class.  If the student cannot attend they will receive a rain check for a future class at their discretion

Reschedule Policy

WE make every effort to hold each class we schedule rain or shine.  If there are unforseem circumstances or weather that would put botht he students and instructors well being at risk, we will reschedule at the next available date.  Each student will receive a rain check if they chose not to attend the recheduled class date

Refund Policy

Full refund if student cancels no later than 7 days before the class waiver icon video icon