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Fundamental Pistol

Basic - For those wanting to learn how to effectively and safely shoot a handgun!

Duration: 3-1/2 hrs range time



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Fundamental Pistol is the exact same curriculum taught in the morning portion of our LTC Hybrid Course.
The purpose of this course is to have the student become familiar with their handgun as well as become confident and competent in using it. We start from the very beginning and will end up having the shooter know how to properly handle their firearms including loading, reloading and clearing their pistol as well as be able to make effective hits on target out to 15 yards.
Topics covered are: firearms safety, weapons familiarization, sight alignment, sight picture, grip, trigger press, where to shoot and why, loading, reloading and clearing the handgun.

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Topics Covered

Firearms Safety

How a handgun cycles

How to Grip a Pistol


How to aim

Where to shoot and why

Use of Force Laws

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Expectations and Outcomes

At the end of the course the student will have passed the 50 round Texas LTC qualification course.  They will also have a solid understanding of the basics of shooting and how to safety handle their pistol

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Documentation Requirements

Students are required to bring $20 for range fees.  

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Pistol chambered in .380 or larger (rental guns are available upon request)
Minimum of 2 magazines (3 is preferred)
150 rounds of ammunition
Eye and ear protection
Folding Chair