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Private Small Unit Tactics Course


Duration: 2-Days



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Small Unit Tactics:

SUT is designed to build upon the students individual tactics of Marksmanship, weapons manipulations, and the ability to properly use cover and concealment , while applying them in a small team environment. The student teams will develop effective communication while utilizing tactically sound techniques to clear structures and work around vehicles.

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Topics Covered

Topics Covered:

• Review of Fundamentals of marksmanship.
• Review of weapons manipulations.
• Proper cover and concealment from Asymmetric shooting positions.
• Introduction to SUT and IBT.
• Team communication.
• Immediate action upon contact.
• Working in and around vehicles.

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Advanced, Intermediate, Rifle

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Documentation Requirements


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Gear Required:
• Quality Pistol of at least 9mm.
• Semi automatic rifle/Carbine in 5.56,.300blk, 762x39, 9mm ect.
• Sling for rifle/carbine(two point preferred).
• Quality holster that stays open after drawing pistol.(no nylon holsters) 
• Ability to carry minimum 1 spare pistol and rifle magazine on the body.
• Wrap around eye and ear protection.

• Weather appropriate clothing
*350 Rounds of Rifle Ammunition
*100 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition