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Pistol Instructor Development Course


Duration: 2 Day Course



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This 2 Day Instructor Development Course is designed to teach the aspiring Firearms Instructor or to advance the knowledge of the currently Certified Firearms Instructor. The Course will take a look at various principles and techniques associated with teaching a Basic Defensive Pistol Course.

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Topics Covered

  • Range Safety and Organization
  • Methods of Instruction
  • Effective Communication
  • Training Aids
  • Lesson Plan Development
  • Conducting Practical Range Training
  • Classroom Management
  • Coaching Techniques
  • Liability for the Firearms Instructor
  • Deep Dive into the 7 Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Weapons Manipulations(effectively teaching)

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Advanced, Intermediate, Instructor Coach Training Courses, Instructor Training Courses

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Documentation Requirements

If you do not have a CCW you will need to do a Background Check or Instructor approval. You have to have been to a basic pistol course by a reputable Instructor.

The instructor requires a copy of your driver's license once you register.

The instructor requires a copy of your CCW permit once you register.

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Gear Required:

  • Pistol 9mm or larger
  • 3 Magazines
  • Holster that stays open after drawing
  • Minimum of 1 Magazine Pouch
  • 500 rounds of pistol ammo
  • Eyes and Ear Protection
  • Note Pad and pen