Concealed Weapons Permit

Get your concealed carry permit with our training

Duration: 2 hours in the classroom, 30 minutes to an hour in the range



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Get your concealed weapons permit quick and easy with our flexible schedule. We have morning, afternoon, and night classes available throughout the week for your convenience.  Our concealed carry classes are taught by certified firearms instructors with years of specialized experience. 

When you attend one of our concealed weapons permit classes you will be greeted with a warm smile and benefit from  a relaxed down to earth learning environment.

No experience with firearms is necessary! In fact some of our best shooters have never held a firearm before! Schedule your concealed carry permit class today!

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Topics Covered

The firearm safety rules we must all follow to remain safe

Proper firearm storage

Using the correct ammunition in your firearm

How ammunition works

Proper firearm handling

Firearm safety mechanisms, manual and internal

Understanding single action, double action and striker-fire firearms

How firearms function, a detailed, multi-media presentation

How de-cocking devices and internal safety devices work

Loading and unloading both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols

Ammunition and its firing sequence

Ammunition malfunctions, how recognize and properly address them

Proper grip techniques

Proper firing stances

Eye and hand dominance

Proper sight alignment

Proper sight picture

Proper trigger control

How recoil works and how to properly manage it

What is considered concealed carry vs transporting a firearm

Where we can and cannot carry concealed

When is lethal force justifiable and when it’s not

How to properly interact with law enforcement and what to expect

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Expectations and Outcomes

Immediately after completing our concealed weapons permit class, each student will be issued a firearm training certification to apply for their concealed weapons permit. We will also cover in detail how to apply for your concealed weapons permit in person and electronically with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services regional offices to have your concealed weapons permit submitted electronically and expedited

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Concealed Carry Training

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Documentation Requirements

Please bring your driver's license

The instructor requires a copy of your Government Issued ID once you register.

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We provide our students with proper eye and hearing protection, a target and a loaned firearm with the necessary live ammunition to qualify with in the gun range as mandated by the state of Florida 790.06