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Level 1 Instructor Development

Duration: 3 Very long Days... all on the range



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Upon successful certification, you will be authorized to teach the USCCA DSF L1 Course. The DSF L1 “End User” Course consists of 2 components for your students. First they will complete a required online e-learning module then they will spend a day with you on the range learning skills that work well with what the body does naturally under stress, and they will learn to apply theses skills in context. 

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Topics Covered

Instructor Development for gthe USCCA DSF (Defensive Shooting Fundamentals) Level 1 Program

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Expectations and Outcomes

During the Instructor Development Course you will need to take lots of notes, as there is no “Instructor Manual” in the USCCA DSF Program. You will receive all of the teaching point and drill instructions “mouth to ear” and your notes will become your own instructor manual. Ultimately this will help you to better retain and understand the information. All teach backs are done from memory… no notes are allowed on the range while teaching. We pride ourselves in knowing the material deeply enough to teach the “students” not simply administrate “curriculum”. 

What do I expected of you on day one? I do not believe that an instructor needs to be a champion level shooter, however, you will be expected to have the ability to consistently demonstrate impeccable safe handling of your firearm working from a holster. You will be expected to correctly demonstrate the defensive shooting fundamentals that are taught in the class. I expect that you will have quality reliable equipment and the knowledge of how to use it in the context of civilian concealed carry. I expect that you will have an open mind and positive attitude.

Read the USCCA DSF Textbook. It will explain many of the concepts and principals taught in this class. Be advised however, that the DSF Textbook is NOT an instructor manual. You will be required to take copious notes in addition to the text resource.

Attending the 2-day development course DOES NOT GUARANTEE YOUR CERTIFICATION. However, there is mentorship and remediation infrastructure in place. If you are willing to put the work in you will have the opportunity to succeed. 

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Instructor Training Courses

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Documentation Requirements

This information will be sent after registration

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Please bring the following items to class:


1. Your daily concealed carry pistol

2. Quality Holster, Strong Side Hip or Centerline (kydex preferred) To efficiently balance risk and benefit we will not working from concealment, if you have an OWB Holster in the same body position as your normal deep concealment position you will gain the same training benefit.

3. A quality belt

4. 3 Magazines, 5 if you are using a single stack pistol or are in a jurisdiction with magazine capacity restrictions.

5. Proper Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic in ear or low profile preferred)

6. A Minimum of 500 Rounds of factory ammunition.

7. Magazine pouches (we train as realistically as possible, if you carry extra mags in a pocket that will be sufficient)

8. Note taking supplies (I recommend picking up a “Rite in Rain” weather resistant notebook)

9. USCCA DSF Textbook (You will be sent a copy when you enroll in the e-learning)

10. Appropriate outdoor range clothing

11. Water, snacks, Lunch

12.Hard copy of the required paperwork and a copy of your e-learning completion certificate