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Defensive Handgun 1


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Defensive Handgun For Personal Protection\CCW

12 Hour Defensive Handgun 1
2 Day Course
(10am - 4pm)

Cost: $300

*Our Defensive Shooting Fundamentals course is a Pre-Requisite

This course is designed for concealed carry weapon holders. It utilizes SIRT laser training pistols to develop the skills required to use your firearm safely and legally to protect yourself or others, while making critical decisions under stress.
Basic courses like state mandated CCW classes do not adequately prepare citizens to use their firearm for self-defense.

This course focuses on the fighting aspect of being able to get to your gun and use it in an effective manner for self-defense when justified by law.

• Weapon Safety
• Carry Fundamentals
• Ready positions
• Sight picture\ alignment
• Clearing Malfunctions
• Reloads
• Tactical Movements
• Shooting Positions
• Front Sight Drills
• Use Of Force
• 911 After Action
• Upper Body Combatives
• Lower Body Combatives
• Choke\Headlock Defense
• Ground Defense
• Weapon Retention
• Force on Force
• Real Time Scenarios
• Dry Fire Drills
• Live Fire Drills

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Basic, Intermediate, Combatives / Less Lethal, Scenario Based Training

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