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Home Firearm Safety Course

Basic - Learn to properly use and store firearms in your home.

Duration: 4 hours - This is a non-shooting course



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This is an non-shooting course that teaches students the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe handling, storage of firearms and ammunition in the home. It is recommended for adults who either have firearms in their home or who are looking to purchase one for their home. It is also child-friendly and parents are encouraged to bring their children if they are 6 years of age or older.

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Topics Covered

Basic elements of firearm safety in the home
Three fundamental safe firearm handling rules
Safety rules when using or storing firearms
Parents responsibility for teaching firearm safety to children
How to avoid firearm accidents
Proper loading, unloading of pistols, rifles and shotguns
How to properly clean and store firearms

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Expectations and Outcomes

Students learn the three rules for safe gun handling
Students understand the primary causes of firearms accidents and how to avoid them
Students learn the different firearm parts
Demonstrate how to load and unload certain action types
Learn about ammunition components
Learn proper cleaning, care and safe storage of firearms in the home

Finally, all your hand work will be rewarded by receiving your frameable official NRA/USCCA completion certificate which you can proudly display.

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Basic, NRA Courses, USCCA Courses

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Documentation Requirements

This class is open to all US Citizens

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Great attitude and a willingness to learn, thats' all.

Parents are encouraged to bring your children if they are 6 years of age or older.