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Nile Wilson

BACKGROUND: Civilian, Military, Former Military, Law Enforcement, Instructor

7 Years Instructing

PH: 704-466-4109

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Advanced level II Pistol
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Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate
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Concealed Carry
Concealed Carry
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Core Pistol
Learning the basics of your pistol.
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Precision Rifle
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Sigur Class
An opportunity to learn and think under…
Advanced, Rifle, Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Specialty Other Advanced target icon

About Defcon Delta Tactical LLC

I came form a small town south of Charlotte NC, Pinevlle NC. I am Viking by Heritage and a God fearing proud American Patriot to the core. Don't tread on me or my brothers! AND I MEAN THAT!! I am married to a wondeful shield maiden Cynthia (wife that can hold her own and has my 6) with 2 wondeful boys Dillon and Gabe, and 1 granddaughter, Rynlee, daughter-in-law Kalin. The boys have a big part in DDT.
My vision started years back from various training I have had and things I have experianced first hand. As I looked deep behind the basics I noticed a need that was applicable today in our society, I had a choice: overlook it or respond. So with my core being, my unwillingness to quit, and fight when no one else will, I responded and here we are. I don't know it all and never will, I"m always learning and soaking up new tactics, methods,teachings to improve and challange myself. I have strong core values and my outlook on life is very practical yet I believe others are not practicable in the way they view their disposition in life. I believe clarity in any situation and the ability to envision details on a grand scale are a must! The ability to strategize and implement a plan is key.

Stay awake and alive!

Courses Taught

Concealed Carry Training, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Rifle, Long Range Precision, NRA Courses, Active Shooter Response Training, In Home Defense Training, Scenario Based Training, Women's Only Courses, Seminars / Lectures, Specialty Other

Class Instructors

Cameron Hays

Cameron Hays

Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright

Defcon Delta Staff

Defcon Delta Staff

Dillon Wilson

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NRA firearms instructor
Defense pistol instructor
NC CCH instructor
CQB Tactics instructor
Vehicle tactics instructor
TECC cert
T4e sims instructor
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