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Proper training when it comes to gun ownership and concealed carry is incredibly important. That’s why we’ve created a quick and easy tool to connect you with firearms instructors in your area.

How to find a local CCW class

Getting started is easy. Simply type in your ZIP code in the box below and you’ll quickly see a list of local Arizona concealed carry classes.

Click on the course to see pricing information, class duration, and dates available. The description tab will tell you a summary about the course and what to expect. You can review the instructor’s biography and experience and see how many spaces are available in that particular course.

Registering for your CCW course

To register, click the red Register Now button on the course you’ve selected. You’ll need to fill out the form provided to enroll.

You can also create an online student profile to make the registration process easier. The student profile allows you to keep track of the courses you’ve completed, create a list of the skills you’ve acquired, and you can easily share your progress with friends and family on social media.

Get started today

You may have some questions and possibly some misconceptions about attaining your CCW and the specific laws for Arizona. Thankfully, an AZ concealed carry classes instructor will go over everything you need to know to attain your permit and the laws for your state.

Carrying a concealed firearm is a huge responsibility. Take the first step to attaining your permit by enrolling in AZ CCW classes today. Your next course is just a few clicks away!

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