Range Owner FAQs

Range owners can expect three benefits from listing their shooting range on ShootingClasses.com.

  • Get additional exposure. Shooting enthusiasts come to ShootingClasses.com every day looking for classes and places to shoot.
  • Let instructors know if your range is open instructors teaching classes at your range. It’s simple. Instructors can search to see where they might teach classes and if you are open, they can contact you to see if there is a fit between your range and their need; no obligation.
  • If training classes are offered, list and receive administrative management for classes your range offers. Ranges receive the same benefits as ShootingClasses.com Instructors, plus additional features specific to the needs of Ranges.

Simply register, create your password and gain access to input desired range information; then log in and update as needed at any time in the future.

  • Go to ShootingClasses.com and register as a Range
  • Use your Instructor email address but DO NOT check “I want to offer classes”
  • You will get an email with the Range onboarding link
  • Clicking that link will connect the range with your Shooting Gallery Range Inc instructor account

No. It's free of charge! There will be no charge to sign up to promote your range to instructors and let outside instructors know if you are open to their teaching classes at your range.

No. We realized there was a need for ranges to increase their revenue and Instructors to find potential ranges at which to teach, especially when teaching classes out of state. ShootingClasses.com offers this as a service, simply to make the connection between ranges and instructors.

There is no cost for a range to advertise their classes on ShootingClasses.com. The same as for instructors, ShootingClasses.com only charges a minimal fee for our included comprehensive administrative management when a student registers for a class.

When a student registers ranges have two options. Depending on the course (I.e. Introductory, Basic, CCW) the range may elect to have the student’s registration automatically approved and added to the class roster; or review the student’s information for registration approval.

Yes, ShootingClasses realizes that ranges may have specific needs depending on their size and number of locations.

  • Owners – Many times the owner of a range, or group of ranges, is not active in the day-to-day operation of the training program. As such, the owner creates the account with banking information and desires to monitor all functionality, but more specifically, reporting and financial information.

Note: the owner always has access to all features included, the same as Range Managers and Instructors.

  • Range Managers have their own username and password for login access. The Range Manager has access to all reports as well, but generally will be the person who creates courses, schedules classes and assigns instructors to teach classes. The Range Manager also creates features such as: Promo Code Discounting, Class Add-Ons, Private (password protected) classes, etc.

Note: when an instructor is assigned to a class or rescheduled to another class, a text message is sent to advise and confirm.

  • Instructors (both internal and external) have their own username and password for login access to see their personal class Calendar and access to assigned class Rosters with full class information. Class Certificates, Rescheduling and Attendance are controlled from the class Roster. Instructors receive text messages when they are assigned to a class or are being rescheduled.

Yes, you can add as many Range Managers as required to meet the needs of your range.

Yes, you can add as many instructors as required to meet the needs of your range. You can also add the instructor’s photo and bio for students to see.

Absolutely. The instructor will only need to have separate login credentials.

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