Firearms Instructor Frequently Asked Questions

Using our firearms customer management software allows you to save time, increase your class sizes, improve your bottom line and focus on teaching. View more benefits provides exposure on our website, at no charge. Students can search and view instructors by:

  • Instructor Name
  • Instructor Business Name
  • Zip code and course type desired

As a instructor, you receive your own unique website URL that you can use on your website, marketing and social media, to bring students to your courses page where they can learn more about your firearms training business, register for your shooting classes and leave reviews.

Our founders regularly appear on podcasts, radio and internet talk shows to speak about to spread the word and help bring students to the website to find instructors.

Learn more about marketing help is free for instructors to join and advertise themselves, their courses and classes. A small fee for administrative management is charged when a student registers for a class. The fee is $10 per student for courses greater than $100. If a course is $100 or less, we reduce the fee to $5 per student. The fee is deducted when the student’s credit card is processed. The balance, less normal Stripe credit card processing fee, is deposited into the instructor's chosen bank account. View our pricing page

Signing up as an instructor is easy! Fill out an application to register. Once we review your application you can start using our firearms customer management software.

The cost of shooting classes varies and is set by instructors. Learn more about the cost of gun training. uses Stripe for credit card processing. When you register as an instructor, you are directed to Stripe to enter your banking information. This account is where student funds will be deposited. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for customers around the world and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry. 

Once completed, Stripe directs you back to to complete the on-boarding process. never sees your banking information.

You will need to create a separate Stripe account through with separate login information. You will manage your Stripe account via your Instructor Dashboard ACCOUNT / MANAGE link.

Yes. You can change the bank account you want student funds to be deposited into:. Here's how:

  1. From the Instructor Dashboard, click Account, then Payments
  2. Click the Connect With Stripe button. A new browser tab will open. You’ll be securely logged into your Stripe account within
  3. Click the Account link (next to Payouts)
  4. Find the Payout Details section and click the Edit (pencil) icon.
  5. Update your banking information and save.
  6. Click Sign Out when you’re done.

Log in to your instructor dashboard and review the instructor manual found in the Help Center. If you still have questions, please contact us

Make sure you are logging in as an instructor, not as a student. If that is not the problem, please contact us

When a student registers for a class the student’s credit is processed directly into the instructor’s chosen bank account, upon the instructor’s student approval. 

Since the class fee transfers directly from the student to the instructor, it is the instructor’s responsibility to make the refund based on their stated refund policy.

Yes. Instructors can elect to offer discounts for various reasons, such as:

  • Incentives for repeat students
  • Discounts for students who desire to repeat a course as a refresher
  • Incentives to fill a class that is nearing its date, and low on students to avoid the need to cancel the class
  • And more

Instructors have the ability to create a promo code, percent discount, and expiration date.

Yes, class creation is simple.

  • Select the number of classes you want to create, select a Repeat Interval (Every Day, Every Week, Every Other Week, Every 4-Weeks).
  • Schedule the date and time for the first class, location and the instructor to teach the class.
  • You can then schedule all at once. 

If desired, you can edit your schedule to change locations, instructors, etc.

Yes, the class roster has an option to reschedule. Clicking on "reschedule" shows the next available class dates for you to select. Once done, the rosters are updated and the student is moved with new confirmations sent to the student.

Yes, the class roster provides the ability for you to enter expenses to update your financial reports.

Click on the course title on your dashboard calendar to go to that class' roster.

  • Click on the Courses page
  • Click on "Classes - View"
  • Click on "Past Classes"
  • Click on "Roster" for the desired date
  • Click on the Courses page
  • Click on "Classes-View"
  • Click on "Past Classes"
  • Click on "Roster" for the desired date
  • Click on "Print Certificates" and select the certificate needed and print

Make sure you have checked the box "Display on Website" that is located about "Course Types" 

Display on Website

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