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Instructors, is completely free for you to try – no credit card ever required. After a trial month, we’ll retain a small flat-rate per student sign-up, and you’ll never get a bill from us. target icon

An easier way to manage your business:

Here's what you get as an instructor:

  • Instructor profile
  • Course calendar
  • Online student sign-up
  • Course certificates
  • Payment processing
  • Class management
  • Financial reporting
  • Historical class info
  • Student profiles
  • Archive rosters
  • Class rosters
  • Searchable by Google
$5-10 per student

  • $5 For Courses $100 or less
  • $10 For Courses greater than $100 target icon

Are you a range owner or a student looking for classes? has something for you too!

Shooting Classes Marketing Help Shooting Classes Marketing Help

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Our advanced instructor marketing plan can help you fill your classes


We'll handle the admin side of your business so you can spend more time at the range.

No Contracts
Unlimited Use
Flat Fee Per Student
Secure Checkout
Marketing Assistance
For Instructors, By Instructors

We’re firearms instructors, too. We understand your business and have designed our class management as a specialized solution for this industry.

Spend More Time at the Range

Our goal is to make your job easier, so you spend less time handling mundane admin tasks and more time teaching classes and on the range.

Get Marketing Help

Fill up your firearms classes! Our searchable database – and simple, hassle-free signup – will help funnel students in your area to your open classes.

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