Firearms Student Frequently Asked Questions

Use our classes search tool to find shooting classes near you. Using our class finder tool, you can enter your zip code, search radius and desired course type. To see all courses in your area, leave the desired course type blank.

Visit our firearms instructors search page to find a specific instructor. You can search by either business or instructor name.

Nothing – It’s free!  Searching our class and instructor database is free for students to use.  The only time you will be asked for payment is when you register for a class.

The cost of shoot classes varies and is set by instructors. Search for shooting classes in your area to learn more about the cost of gun training. never sees or has access to your credit card information. uses Stripe for credit card processing. Stripe handles billions of dollars, every year, for customers around the world. It is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry. 

No. Even if you are not ready to register for a firearms training class you can still register and create your student profile. You can also choose to share your public profile with friends and connections using your custom vanity URL.

Student profiles have expanded to contain additional information you may wish to share with friends and social media connections. 

You can choose to add your photo, contact information and anything else you want others to know about your background such as likes, training courses you've completed outside of, etc. ( classes you complete are automatically added to your profile.) You can also select training goals and note the percentage of goal completion.

Your student profile provides firearms instructors with your background information for acceptance into training courses. When applying for a shooting class, the firearms instructor of that class has access to your profile and can reference when giving acceptance to their class.

If you would like to share your profile with friends or social media connections, you can do so via your custom vanity URL that you have the option to create. Want to keep certain information private? No problem. You can designate which information on your profile you share or keep private.  

Students frequently have goals whether it be for a pistol, rifle or shotgun, and ask what courses can be taken to help achieve those goals. wants to help you achieve your training goals by providing checklists with details you should look for when searching for classes that will help you achieve a specific goal.

If you have goals that you would like for to add, let us know by contacting us and we will create details and milestones to help you get there.


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