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Looking to attain your concealed carry license (CCW)? Use our helpful search tool to find concealed carry classes in Georgia.

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Here’s how to get started. Scroll down to the search box below and enter your ZIP code. Seriously, it’s that simple. After you’ve entered your ZIP code, you’ll see a list of nearby Georgia concealed carry class options.

To learn more about each course, click on the name to see the price, instructor, and available dates. You’ll find helpful information in the tabs section about course requirements and a description of the course, topics covered, expectations, and more.

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When you’ve found the perfect Georgia concealed carry class, click on the red “register now” button. Then complete the form.

To make the enrollment process easier for future courses, we recommend creating a student profile. The student profile is a helpful tool where you can record the classes you’ve taken and the skills you have mastered. You can also share your progress with fellow classmates or on social media platforms. And don’t forget to set personal training goals to help reach your overall concealed carry training Georgia goals.

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