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There’s nothing more American than the right to bear arms. If one of your goals is to attain your concealed carry permit, take the first step today by enrolling in a concealed carry class in PA.

Finding a course and enrolling is incredibly easy. Just follow these quick steps to get started.

1. Use the search tool to find a local course

To find a course nearby course, type in your ZIP code in the search box below. The search tool will display available courses near your location.

Click on the course name for more information like class time, dates available, and the number of seats left. You can also see course requirements and a detailed description of the course by clicking on the different tabs.

2. Fill out your information to enroll in a PA concealed carry class

Enrollment takes just a few minutes. When you’ve found the perfect course, click the red “register now” button. Fill out your personal information and submit your payment. It’s really that simple!

We also recommend setting up a student profile to make enrolling in your next course even quicker. Your profile is a great place to keep track of the training courses you’ve completed and the skills you’ve mastered. You can even set personal goals within your profile and share your progress with friends.

It’s time to put your personal safety first and fulfill your right to safely bear arms. Enroll in a concealed carry class in PA and learn how to attain your CCW permit.

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