Frequently Asked Questions


Using our firearms customer management software allows you to save time, increase your class sizes, improve your bottom line and focus on teaching. View more benefits is free for instructors to join and advertise courses and classes. A small fee for administrative management is charged when a student registers for a class. The fee is $10 per student for courses greater than $100. If a course is $100 or less, we reduce the fee to $5 per student. The fee is deducted when the student’s credit card is processed. The balance, less normal STRIPE credit card processing fee, is then deposited into the instructors chosen bank account. View our pricing page

Signing up as an instructor is easy! Fill out an application to register. Once we review your application you can start using our firearms customer management software.

Log in to your instructor dashboard and review the instructor manual found in the Help Center. If you still have questions, please contact us

Make sure you are logging in as an instructor, not as a student. If that is not the problem, please contact us

Yes, instructors can elect to offer discounts for various reasons:

  • Incentives for repeat students
  • Discounts for students who desire to repeat a course as a refresher
  • Incentives to fill a class that is nearing its date and is low on students, to avoid the need to cancel the class
  • And more

Instructors have the ability to create a promo code, percent discount and expiration date.


Yes, class creation is simple. Select the number of classes you want to create, select a repeat interval (Every Day, Every Week, Every Other Week, Every 4-Weeks), and then schedule the date / time for the first class, location and instructor to teach the class, and schedule all at once.

If desired, you can then edit your schedule to change locations, instructors, etc.


Yes, the class roster has an option to reschedule. Clicking on "reschedule" shows the next available class dates for you to select. Once done, the rosters are updated and the student is moved. New confirmations are sent to the student.

Yes, the class roster provides the ability for you to enter expenses and update your financial reports.

Yes. Click the course title on you dashboard calendar to go to that class’ roster.

Yes. Click on the Courses page, click on “Classes – View.” Click on “Past Classes,” then click on “Roster” for the desired date.

Click on the Courses page, click on “Classes – View." Click on “Past Classes,” then click on “Roster” for the desired date. Click on “Print Certificates" and select the certificate needed and print.


Use our find classes search tool to find a shooting class near you. Using our class finder tool, you can enter your zip code, search radius and desired course type. To see all courses in your area, leave the desired course type blank.


Visit our find instructors search page to find a specific instructor. You can search by either business or instructor name.

Nothing – It’s free!  Searching our class and instructor database is free for students to use.  The only time you will be asked for payment is when you register for a class.

Range Owners

Range owners are able to sign up to use As a registered range owner, you are able to promote your range by connecting with both instructors looking for venues to train and students looking for places to shoot and or train. Visit the range owner page for more information.

Nothing. There is no charge to sign up to promote your range to instructors and students.