Firearms Instructor Finds Solution for Administrative Management Difficulties

Firearms instructor Dennis Kouri started his firearms training business, Professional Defense Concepts, to explore running a small business while becoming a certified firearms instructor, increase his own personal training and earn some money on the side.


As Dennis was working to get his business off the ground, he had trouble figuring out the administrative side of the business, such as managing finances, accepting payments and keeping track of student registration.

Shooting Classes administrative management case study


Dennis began doing research and reached out to firearms instructors in his network who already had successful businesses. One of his contacts recommended Upon initial review of the firearms instructor features, the site seemed like it would solve every issue he was facing. and even some that he hadn’t considered yet. He decided to give it a try.


After signing up as a instructor, he created a profile and began to add firearms classes. He noticed right away how much time he was saving due to’s administrative management help. Dennis cites the instructor dashboard and payment processing as key features that help him stay organized.

“Having the instructor dashboard where I can schedule my firearms classes and check on my student registration is great, plus the payment option makes everything almost completely hassle free.”

When asked if he would recommend to other firearms instructors, Dennis said, “Yes, I would, and I have already been doing so! I have recommended to other instructors and they are now operating their businesses through the site as well.”

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