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It’s the perfect time to invest in your protection with Michigan firearm training! It’s one of our main goals to connect firearm owners with certified, professional trainers. Use our quick and easy shooting class look-up feature below to find Michigan gun classes near you.

If you are familiar with, you know how much we advocate for training and gun safety. If you are ever in a high-stress, combat or attacker situation, your brain can kick into autopilot. The skills you learn and practice regularly should be second nature. That’s why it is so important to continue learning and participating in proper gun training to keep yourself and your family safe.

To find shooting classes in Michigan, simply type in your ZIP code in the search bar below. You’ll quickly see a list of all your local classes and courses.

Use the filter features to pinpoint the firearm classes tailored to your skillset. You can filter by concealed carry courses (CCW), beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Keep track of your skills by creating a complementary student registration profile. You can share courses you’ve taken and even track your progress toward meeting goals.

Don’t put yourself in danger in the event of an attacker or combat situation. When it comes to gun training, Michigan has many options to choose from. Use our search feature below and quickly find the perfect shooting class to grow your knowledge and shooting skills.



Most classes use a Pistol unless otherwise specified.

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