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First, we’d like to congratulate you for taking the next step in furthering your firearm education. We’re avid believers that you can never have enough training, so finding a gun safety course in NY is always a good idea.

It’s easier than ever to find a certified shooting expert near your hometown. Simply type in your ZIP code in the search box below to find a nearby course.

The importance of continued gun training

Like putting on your shoes before leaving the house, habits are created by repeated practice. You barely have to think about it, your brain just knows you need to grab those shoes before you leave. There are many risks and dangers involved with handling a weapon. With continued practice and education, you will begin to create safe habits that can become second nature if you are ever faced in an attacker confrontation.

Finding the right shooting class for your skill level

In the section below, you can filter by skill level or specific type of course. Find a NY firearm training course for beginners (basic), intermediate, or advanced skill level. Select the CCW filter if you are interested in attaining your concealed carry license.

Click the text “More Filters” to find classes related to a specific type of weapon or organization. We’ve even created filters for virtual simulation courses and women’s only classes.

Getting the most out of your firearm training has a unique student registration feature that is incredibly helpful. After you’ve completed the student registration, you can easily keep track of the courses you have completed and the skills you have learned. You can even set up and track goals.

There’s also a sharing feature you can use to show your friends and family your progress.

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Most classes use a Pistol unless otherwise specified.

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