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Whether you already have a concealed carry license or just starting your gun training journey, we’d like to applaud you for continuing your firearm training and education. It takes more than one course to develop life-long gun handling skills. Continuing your firearm training in PA will enhance your gun safety knowledge and shooting accuracy.

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to find local shooting classes and firearm training. Simply type in your area code below and you’ll see a list of Pennsylvania gun ranges and training courses in your area.

To narrow your search, select one of our predefined filters such as CCW (concealed carry), basic, intermediate, or advanced courses. Click on “More Filters” to find a number of unique filters like women’s only courses, long-range precision shooting classes, and many more.

What Else Can Offer Me?

Besides providing an easy way to find certified instructors and firearm training courses, also offers a free student portal. Once you complete your student registration, you can easily sign up for firearm classes and keep track of the skills you’ve learned. You’ll be able to set personal training goals and share with friends when you’ve reached milestones.

The privacy settings allow you to decide which information you’d like to make public. You’ll even receive a personalized URL to share your accomplishments with friends and family or on your social media.

Student registration makes signing up for courses a breeze and streamlines communication between you and the course instructor.

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Most classes use a Pistol unless otherwise specified.

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