Training Goals


Training Goals

We are commonly asked what classes a student should take after their CCW permit. This is a great question, because we strongly believe one class is never enough training. Our motto is: Always a student. When you stop learning, your skill degrades.

What path you take next may depend on your goals – to shoot for fun, for sport and competition or for safety. Virtually all individuals share the common desire to protect themselves and their families. For this reason, we have provided a training goals path for defensive training. We have recommended steps and milestones to look for when selecting classes to meet this training goal. Keep track of your completed milestones and progress on your student profile.

We realize many of you would like to see additional goals created for other shooting disciplines.

Please contact us to let us know your goals so we can create additional checklists.


Available Training Goals

Defensive Firearms Training

Learn essential skills like Marksmanship Validation and Weapons Manipulation, Dynamic Movements and Tactics, and Stress Inoculation.