Find Students for Your Firearms Training Business

Lead generation is the process of finding prospective students for your firearms training business. helps you by providing a place to direct your prospects.

Lead Generators

You’ll likely find prospective firearms training students from a variety of sources:

  • Your business website
  • Google searches
  • Social media
  • Traditional advertising (flyers, business cards)
  • Word of mouth

Your message and the way you direct students through each of these generators is the first step in determining how successful your business will be — and, just as importantly, how easy it will be to manage your business. provides you with the “common denominator:” your links. Use these with your lead generators above to bring students to your message platform: your landing page.

Your landing page at is where students will see professionally presented messaging about your business, including your bio, background, certification, and business policies, and the videos and photos that tell your story. This allows you to promote your business easily, neatly, and professionally.

Once they arrive at your page, students will see the courses you teach, course details, and class dates. They can register right then and there — all in one simple process.

How It Works

Combine your lead generators with your URL (the link address to your landing page). Here’s how.

Your Existing Website

Website examples

If you already have a website, it’s easy to link to your landing page, where students can learn more about you and sign up for a class.

  • Use your URL to direct students to your landing page
  • Link to your URL from the “Classes” or “Training” tab in your header navigation. This allows potential students to easily and quickly view all your information and register for classes.

Google Searches

A high percentage of students will find your classes via Google searches.

  • Schedule classes on Google will see and display you and your class.
  • Sign up for a free Google My Business account. These accounts display even more of your business information. Students can see your currently scheduled classes, click on the link, and go directly to your pages in, where they can easily register for classes.

Social Media

Facebook is still one of the most common methods students use to find classes.

  • Create local posts on your business Facebook page.
  • Get creative with posts: add graphics, photos, and videos to help draw attention.
  • Including your URL in the post allows students to click on it to go directly to your landing page or Courses pages to register.

Social media examples

Traditional Advertising

There are many additional ways to reach students.

  • Post flyers in local businesses.
  • Pass out business cards.
  • Make sure to have your URL on each advertising piece so students can easily register for classes.
  • Cultivating relationships with local gun stores where you leave flyers and business cards can be very effective.

Word of Mouth

The best way to get new students is to be a great teacher for your current students. Satisfied customers who recommend your business to friends and relatives can bring many new students to your classes.

  • Encourage your students to tell a friend about your business if they have enjoyed their class.

Your URL is a cornerstone of lead generation for your business. It’s simple to set up but can bring a steady stream of new customers to your door. With your landing page, your students can easily find you, learn more about you, and register for your class, all in one place.

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