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There is nothing more important than proper training when it comes to gun ownership and concealed carry. That’s why we created a quick and easy way to connect you with a firearms instructor in your area. is your one-stop place to find local shooting classes in Arizona. Choose from the filters below to find the exact type of class you’re looking for. From Introductory, Basic, Concealed Carry, Intermediate, and Advanced, we have your Arizona firearm training needs covered. 

Looking to attain a concealed carry permit? Select the CCW filter below and you’ll see all the CCW courses in your area. Or simply type in your ZIP code to find the closest firearm classes near you.

You can take your training one step further by becoming a registered student and create your own student profile. Then you can track your progress, training goals, and keep note of the skills you’ve learned. is completely free for students to use. You are only charged by the instructors for any classes you attend.

Whether you’re wondering, “Where can I find a concealed carry class near me?” or “Where can I find basic and advanced firearms training near me?” Good news! has courses available locally and nationwide.

Your self-defense can’t wait. Find an Arizona firearm training class near you and gain the proper knowledge and skills to safely use your weapon. Start your search today by entering your ZIP code in the box below and use the filters to find the class most suited for your skill level.



Most classes use a Pistol unless otherwise specified.

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