Law Enforcement Training Classes

Find firearms training classes for law enforcement officers, military personnel, and security personnel, including law enforcement officer certification and instructor training.

These law enforcement training courses are specifically designed for the law enforcement community, featuring rigorous standards and a variety of shooting scenarios.

Law enforcement training classes are ideal for:

  • Police Officers
  • Special Law Enforcement Officers Class II
  • State Corrections Officers
  • County Corrections Officers
  • Investigators
  • Corporate security personnel
  • Military personnel
  • other members of the LEO community

You can learn more about tactical defense, shoot house training, performance considerations, reloading mechanics, and more, with a variety of training courses to suit your needs. Improve your shooting accuracy, tactical decision-making, critical knowledge, and firearm safety skills with LEO / MIL / SEC classes.

Whether you’re looking for certification, scenario-based training, or you simply want to improve and refine your firearms skills, you’ll find the best LEO, SEC and MIL training courses using our search form below.



Most classes use a Pistol unless otherwise specified.

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