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Jim Gregg

Jim Gregg

Jim Gregg photo

Jim Gregg is a 23-year police veteran from Greensburg, PA.

  • 2012 Motorola National Trooper of the Year nominee

  • Owner, Urban Survivor Defensive Training LLC

  • Author, “Concealed Carry for the Plain Clothes Officer”

  • Author, “Recognizing Conflict in the Drug Impaired Subject”

  • Nationally Recognized Speaker on Body Language, Perceptions of Human Behavior, Human Contact and Interactions and Active Intruder

  • Certified Police Trainer in Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Crisis Response

  • Speaking invitations include: North Carolina State Police, The Alaska State Trooper Academy, N.H.T.S.A. National DUI Conference, PA State DUI Conference, Texas A&M, Carnegie Mellon University, U.P.M.C., Westmoreland County Community College, Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and multiple local police academies.