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Shooting Classes Blog

Read the blog to learn from industry experts who have experience in building firearms instruction businesses.

Israel Matos

Israel Matos photo

Israel is a retired Marine Infantry Assaultman (0351) and one of the founding members of

During his military career, he served as a Combat Marksmanship Coach and Trainer, Antitank Missileman, Machine Gunner and Mortarman. He was deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, European and African Countries on the 26th MEU SOC. Israel's military and civilian work includes Marine Corps Foreign Weapons Instructor, NRA Tactical Law Enforcement Instructor, NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor and NRA Pistol Instructor.

Charging the Right Price for Your CCW Course

Charging the Right Price for Your CCW Course

One of the most popular gun courses offered by many firearm instructors across the country is a CCW certification course. Since many of the customers you will encounter may be looking for this type of instruction, it’s critical that you understand the right way to price a CCW class.…

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