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Rich Grassi

Rich Grassi

Rich Grassi photo

Rich Grassi is the founder and editor of The Tactical Wire and the managing editor of Shooting Wire.

Rich worked as a peace officer, first in Pittsburg KS and then as a deputy in the Shawnee County Sheriff’s Department (Topeka). He taught classes at the Washburn University Criminal Justice Department and became the first full-time training coordinator at the Shawnee Co. S.O. While serving as a sheriff’s deputy, he supervised detectives and narcotics, wrote the General Order dealing with use of force, as well as organized and taught the agency’s transition to a new weapon system.

He is a writer and trainer in the areas of firearms, police use of force and defensive tactics. Honorably retired from law enforcement, he has been a National Trainer for the National Law Enforcement Training Center where he certified Lindell Handgun Retention Instructors. He’s been published regularly in national publications including Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, American Cop, Guns & Ammo Handguns and Special Weapons for Military and Police. His writing career began with Police Marksman and Law and Order. 

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