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Complete Communication Automation for Your Shooting Classes

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Author: Bruce Corey

Complete Communication Automation for Your Shooting Classes

Complete Communication Automation for Your Shooting Classes

You may be aware that provides comprehensive administrative management functions for instructors to organize classes and reach students, as well as ways for students to find classes and instructors. But, did you know that we also provide complete communication services to facilitate the rapport between instructors and students. handles inquiries, registration messages, reminders, and general communications for both instructors and students. Continue reading further on in this blog for the full capabilities of our comprehensive communications tool.


Our system allows for students to directly contact instructors for inquiries. For example, students are able to see details of courses that are not currently scheduled and can send an email directly to the instructor to see when their classes will be available. If no classes are found, a student can inform us that they are searching for classes but are unable to find an instructor and we will find the nearest eligible instructor and send the student’s information to them.

The email sent to the instructor will include the student’s name, email and phone number for the instructor to use to reach out to the student about joining their class. We do this to help connect those who are eager to learn with those who have a passion for sharing their knowledge.


When using other management services, it can be confusing to follow the registration process and know the status of your application. Using we streamline the process and make it easy for both students and instructors.

Students will immediately receive a notice on our website, when registering for a class, that their application was sent to the instructor for approval or if they have been automatically approved. They will also receive an email that contains details of the student’s pending application. Once the application has been approved by the instructor, a student will receive an automated text message letting them know they have been approved to take the class and the date of the class along with a note to check their email for a message with more details. The approval email will come complete with course detail such as the course info, description, requirements, etc. If for some reason the application is rejected, the student will receive an email with the instructor’s reason for rejection. There is a similar process for applications that expire. Students who have had their application expire will receive a text message notifying them that their application has expired with a note to check their email for a message with more details.

For instructors, our system will send both a text message and email informing them that they have a student application to review. The email will include student details and both messages will prompt the instructor to go to their instructor dashboard to review the full application and either approve or reject the application. If the instructor chooses to use our auto-approval function, they will still receive an email and text informing them that a new student has enrolled in their class and a prompt to view the student’s information in the dashboard. Like students, instructors will also receive an email when an application has expired with details.


To be a full comprehension communication tool it is essential that we include a reminder system for our students and instructors.

Reminders are sent to students one week prior to the class through an email that has all the class details, such as time and location. Then 24 hours before the class students will receive a second reminder through text. If a student doesn’t attend a class, then they will receive an email with details to contact their instructor.

Instructors will receive a single reminder 24 hours after a class and this reminder is to ensure instructors update the attendance information.

General Communications

Our system is versatile and able to handle many general communications needs for both instructors and students. Our instructors can create emails that can be sent to either a single student or all the students on their roster at any time before or after a class and can contain up to two attachments. The instructor is also copied on these messages for their own records.

There are always unexpected factors that could cause you to reschedule or cancel a class. In the event that a class needs to be rescheduled, a text message will be sent to the students confirming when the student has been rescheduled from a given class to a new class with the new date and time. This message will also prompt students to check their email for full details. If a student cancels a class they will receive similar messages through both channels confirming the student has canceled a class. When a class is canceled by an instructor, students will be informed immediately through text and receive an email  

Contact us if you have any questions about our comprehensive communications tool.






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