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How to Use Your Instructor URL

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Author: Bruce Corey

How to Use Your Instructor URL

When you register as an instructor with, one of the many benefits is an instructor URL. This web address, which links to your instructor profile on, is a versatile marketing tool for your business.

Here’s how it works.

As part of completing your instructor profile, you’re given a URL for your instructor profile page. This is typically: name or your business name. Your instructor profile page (landing page) is where students find:

  • Your contact information

  • Your background, experience and certifications

  • Your class schedules, so they can sign up for a class

When potential firearms training students visit and search for classes in your area, your instructor profile will come up in the search. But visitors to are not the only potential customers who can find your profile.

A Portable Marketing Tool

Your instructor URL is a portable marketing tool you can use anywhere you like. On your website, you can use your URL and hyperlinks to take students to your landing page and your course information on

One way of displaying a link to your Instructor Profile on

One method to display a link to your courses on

One way to display a link to your Class Calendar on

If you do not have your own website (and many instructors don’t), this URL can serve that purpose. You can use your URL:

  • On your business cards

  • In your social media accounts

  • In email correspondence

Searchable on Google

Your instructor URL is searchable on Google – a huge benefit to your business. Potential students do not have to be searching for, or type in anything related to the site, to find your instructor profile.

If they search for instructors in your area, your instructor profile URL will come up in their search.

Signing up as an instructor on is a great way to market your business. Make sure you use all the tools available to you. Visit the blog often for more tips like this. 




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