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Newsworthy Interviews with the Founders of

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Author: Bruce Corey

Newsworthy Interviews with the Founders of

The founders of have been making headlines recently. Watch and listen to our interviews to learn about, firearms training and more.


Gun Talk Media

Dave “Boon” Benton joins Tom Gresham on Gun Talk Media to discuss new active shooter training opportunities. Listen now below or on the Gun Talk website


Home Defense Show

Wondering how to find the right firearms instructor? I break it down on the Home Defense Show podcast. Listen below or on PodBean.


Shooting Straight Radio

David “Boon” Benton, Bill Orndorf and Israel Matos recently sat down with Royce Bartlett on the Shooting Straight Show to discuss the ins and outs of firearms training. Watch the video below or on the WMMB Facebook Page. (Audio begins at 2:54)


Firearms Nation

Dave “Boon” Benton was a guest on the Firearms Nation podcast. Boon and host Arik Levy talked about his training and competition, how to develop courage, and more. Listen now.

Firearms Nation podcast


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