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The need for preparation and training in the era of civil unrest

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Author: Bill Orndorf

The need for preparation and training in the era of civil unrest

You don’t have to do anything more than turn on your television to see what is going on in these United States and understand the need for training and preparation. It is all over the 6 o’clock news every night now, as angry mobs loot and pillage with no regard for human life or property, all under the pretext of protesting a man’s death who didn’t deserve to die. It is truly a sad state of affairs that got us to this moment, and for a lot of you I am quite sure it has caused you to miss a few hours of sleep.

If you live in a densely populated urban center, you may have witnessed these protests with your own two eyes. Or if you live in the suburbs, you may now wonder when it will spill over to your neighborhood. Regardless, it leaves a mark. That mark could be physical or psychological, either because you are directly involved or caused by the worry of what may be. The big question many are having is: “What do I do now?”

I always pose this question to people: “When is the best time to prepare for a disaster? Before it occurs, while it is occurring or after it is over?” The obvious answer is always A, before it occurs. Many have pushed off those preparations because they think “it won’t happen here.” I think we can all agree that reasoning is naïve and a form of ostrich training (you stick your head in a hole and hope it goes away). Problems that are ignored only grow – and worry that is not dealt with only gets worse.

How do we overcome the worry of what may be without putting on our ostrich suit? The answer is that we get moving, we get active, we take an active role in our own survival as well as those that depend on us for it. Action always trumps inaction. With preparation comes serenity, with preparation comes safety, with preparation comes calm. 

We all deal with threats in our everyday lives very differently, and the reality is you are your own first responder. When you need a law enforcement response in seconds, it is only minutes away. You can use up a lifetime in a few minutes. For those of you that think “this training will take too long to learn,” trust me the time will pass. The only question is whether you use that time to get more prepared or just a few months older. Your destiny lies in your own hands, no one else’s. The sad reality is that no one is coming to save you, it is up to you to save yourself.

At, we assist firearm and first aid instructors in the administration of their business. We make it easier for them to do what they do so they can assist more of you to take an active role in your own destiny. Self-defense training is not just how to shoot a gun, self-defense training is a lifestyle that will change your world and your outlook toward it. Whether it is actual training in civil unrest, first aid or the basics of concealed carry, you can find it all here. I urge you to go to our shooting classes site, type in your zip code and find shooting instructors that will prepare you for what we truly hope you will never use. But I will promise you this, it will service your psychological mind and give you the tools to protect your physical body. 

We are living in a very unique time, and I highly doubt anyone can guess what comes next. Don’t wait for the devil to meet you at the door. Stand up, get active and take an active role in preparing for what may be. 

In closing, stay safe, get moving and be your own first responder.

How much does gun training cost? It’s hard to put a price tag on your safety!

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