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What Should I Consider When Buying a Firearm?

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Author: Bruce Corey

What Should I Consider When Buying a Firearm?

Buying a firearm is not something that should be done on a whim. Firearms offer a variety of different features, and depending on your goals and skill level, you should make sure you’re informed before you purchase a gun.  

Tips Before You Purchase a Firearm  

There are several necessary steps you should take before you buy.  

  • Determine use. Know your primary intention for the firearm: home defense, concealed carry, sport shooting etc. Each use relates to unique features you should look for when purchasing a firearm. You’ll find a large selection that fits each category. 
  • Do your homework! Get to know the pros and cons of each firearm: reliability, warranty, ease of use, assembly, disassembly, maintenance, availability of parts etc. Talk to others who own a firearm. Find out their likes and dislikes.  
  • Know your budget. When determining which firearm to purchase, consider the cost of the firearm and the equipment you need to go with it, such as holster(s), magazines, mag carriers etc. Also consider the cost of ammunition for ongoing training and practice. Ammunition cost and availability can vary significantly.  
  • Try before you buy. Most ranges have a good selection of firearms for rental. Just because you like the look of a certain firearm doesn’t mean you will like how it shoots for you. Friends can be a good source for trying different firearms. Trying before you buy saves buyer’s remorse. 

Can I find good information on the internet before buying a firearm? 

Many people ask if they can look to the internet for good information about buying a firearm, the right firearm for them or firearm safety. Anyone using the internet for information should do so with a grain of common sense. You can find great information as well as dangerous information, so be cautious. This goes for what you find on YouTube and other social media platforms.  

If you’re looking for valuable information for new firearms owners, we recommend these articles: 

Find Firearms Training  

Once you’ve purchased your firearm, the next step is good training from a qualified instructor. You can find firearms instructors near you by searching the database. We provide a list of firearms instructors in your area, with detailed information about their experience, background, bio and certification. You can review class videos and photos and read students’ reviews. Go to for all that and more, including local ranges and up-to-date news and information.  

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