NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Courses

NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor courses teach law enforcement officers how to become NRA certified firearms instructors.

As a national leader in firearms training and instruction, the NRA specializes in delivering advanced training for law enforcement, including instructor training.

Adding to a solid base of shooting knowledge and fundamental skills, police officers and other members of the law enforcement community will learn how to teach using educational methodologies and techniques. NRA law enforcement courses also provide high-quality instructor training and materials.

Law enforcement firearms instructor training may cover the following topics:

  • How to teach basic pistol operating skills
  • Practical range training
  • Decision-making
  • Accurate shot placement
  • Tactical shooting
  • Shotgun training
  • Patrol rifle training
  • and more

Upon completion of the course, you can apply for your NRA law enforcement instructor certification.

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Most classes use a Pistol unless otherwise specified.

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